Discover the Supernatural with A New Way to Experience Haunted Bisbee

Discover the Supernatural with A New Way to Experience Haunted Bisbee

BISBEE — If you're a fan of the supernatural but can’t seem to locate any ghosts despite your best efforts, there's exciting news for you! Entrepreneur and software developer Christopher Whitney has created an innovative app that takes you directly into the heart of paranormal activity. Say goodbye to seances and shadowy corners— is here to revolutionize your ghost-hunting adventures.

Whitney, a Bisbee native now residing in Tucson, developed this user-friendly app to offer a unique and immersive experience of his hometown's otherworldly visitations. Priced at just $4.99 for unlimited lifetime use, the app is both affordable and highly popular, ranking among the top 200 apps worldwide.

“I’ve been fascinated with Bisbee’s history,” Whitney explained. “I saw a need for tourists to learn at their own pace and experience the history of Bisbee in a cool, new way.”

What Makes Special? is not just another ghost-hunting tool. It includes photos, texts, and a voiceover, making it an engaging and fun experience. Users can explore various locations around town, each linked to known hauntings. Whitney has even incorporated state-of-the-art sensors into the app to enhance its effectiveness.

“We have a bunch of locations throughout town—so, a lot of the hotspots. With each location, we have linked some of the ghosts that have been known to haunt those locations,” Whitney said.

Notable Haunted Locations

Cochise County Courthouse: One of the most popular ghosts is Judge Wilson, known for his stern demeanor. Even in death, he’s said to ensure cases are tried efficiently at the Bisbee courthouse. Author Francine Powers, who wrote “Haunted Bisbee,” experienced this firsthand when she felt Judge Wilson's presence while working there.

Greenway Mansion: This historical site is where the infamous Bisbee Deportation was planned. The app provides detailed historical information about this and other locations, including the Muheim Heritage House Museum.

Muheim Heritage House Museum: Discover the story of Muheim’s drunken bear, a unique pet that developed a taste for alcohol and had a particular fondness for the Stock Exchange bar in Brewery Gulch.

The Silver King Hotel: Known for its unusual amount of paranormal activity, mysterious sounds keep employees on edge. Stories of a one-legged miner and black soot appearing above beds add to the hotel's eerie atmosphere.

Advanced Technology for Ghost Hunting

The app’s EMF sensor detects paranormal activity, utilizing the phone’s built-in sensors. “When we were in Café Roka, that thing was just going crazy,” Whitney said. The combination of modern technology and ghostly legends offers a seamless experience for users.

Whitney has plans to expand the app to other haunted locales, especially Tombstone, where there's a strong interest in ghost sightings. However, isn’t limited to just Bisbee—it can be used in other communities as well.

“We do love to come to Bisbee, but you can download the app and use it somewhere else,” Whitney emphasized.

Giving Back to the Community

As an independent developer, Whitney also contributes to the community. He recently developed a free app for the upcoming Bisbee Pride Festival to help attendees navigate the event.

How to Get

Ready to give the ghost app a try? Download from your preferred app store and start your supernatural adventure. But hurry—once the ghosts get wind of their increased popularity, they might decide to go someplace else.

Visit to download the app today and dive into the haunted history of Bisbee.

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