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Are you fascinated by haunted stories and locations? Curious to know if spirits walk among us? With BisbeeGhost, take your thirst for the paranormal to a new level.


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Most factual ghost app in Bisbee, Arizona

Eeire Locations & Self Guide Tours

Explore the eerie, historical and haunted locations using one of our many curated self guided tours.

Over 20+ Locations

With over 20 locations to explore, you'll never run out of haunted places to visit. With more locations being added all the time.

Interactive Map

Easly explore the haunted locations of Bisbee, Arizona with our interactive map.

Easy to Use Navigation

Easly navigate from one location to the next with our easy to use guided navigation system.

Most downloaded ghost app in Bisbee, Arizona

Known Hauntings

With over 20+ known hauntings, explore the history of people from Bisbee's past and the hauntings that still linger.

Learn about the features
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We're an app created and owned by Bisbee lovers and locals to help visitors to Bisbee explore the town's history & ghost stories in a new way.


Full-Featured Paranormal Investigation App

Read about eerie historical events, explore haunted locations, and track paranormal activity using a full set of features

Haunted Locations

Access our database of haunted locations in Bisbee. Over 20+ locations (and growing) with detailed information and history.

Known Ghosts

Read about the known ghosts that haunt Bisbee. Over 18+ known ghosts (and growing). Learn about their history and the locations they are known to frequent.

Self Guided Tours

Explore Bisbee with our self guided tours. Choose from a variety of tours that take you to the most haunted locations in Bisbee.

Interactive Map

Explore Bisbee with our interactive map. View haunted locations, known ghosts, and paranormal activity.

In-App Sensors

Use your device's sensors to track paranormal activity. EMF, baramoter, and more.

Offline Data

Access all data offline. No need for an internet connection to explore Bisbee.

What People Saying About Us

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Fantastic app! Easy to use and insightful!

This is a great affordable way to see all the cool attractions in Bisbee and find out about all your favorite haunts. I like the fact that the developer used actual real historians to tell the ghost stories based on facts.

I love the app. It's very informative and easy to use. I love the ghost stories and the history of Bisbee. I would recommend this app to anyone who is interested in the history of Bisbee.

The ghost stories are well written, and the app is easy to navigate. If you're going to Bisbee, and want to fully experience it download this app to thumbs up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Bisbee Ghost app.

The Bisbee Ghost App is a mobile application that offers a virtual ghost tour of Bisbee, Arizona. It provides an immersive experience with historical information, ghost stories, along with audio and video for each ghost story and location.

The Bisbee Ghost app is available on both the Apple App Store (iOS) and the Google Play Store (Android).

For any additional support or questions not covered in this FAQ, please contact our support team at [email protected]. We are here to help!

Yes, we are continuously working to improve the Bisbee Ghost App and add new features. Stay tuned for updates by enabling notifications in the app and following us on social media.

The app includes interactive maps, photos, and audio clips to enhance your virtual ghost tour experience. You can also share your favorite locations and stories on social media directly from the app.

The app is designed for a general audience, but some of the ghost stories and content may be more suitable for older children and adults. Parental discretion is advised.

You can stay informed about the latest updates and new features by following us on social media and subscribe to our emailing list. Additionally, you can visit our website at BisbeeGhost.app for news and announcements.

We’re an app created and owned by Bisbee lovers and locals to help visitors to Bisbee explore the town’s history & ghost stories in a new way. Our goal is also to share and promote your business! Please get in touch with us as a merchant or business if you’d like us to share your information on our app. We aim to work together to make exploring Bisbee easier than ever before. Let’s work together to continue to make Bisbee one of the top towns to visit in Arizona. Proudly made with ❤️ in Bisbee, AZ

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